Reaching across counties and generations


Established the year America entered WWI, Wayne County Bank has been serving Waynesboro, Tennessee for over a century.

From a former masonry building in the public square, WCB steadily grew to include locations in the nearby cities of Clifton and Collinwood. In 2007, the bank opened its first branch outside of Wayne County — Citizens Bank of Lewis County.

WCB had to establish a unified brand, but strategies differed from county to county. Wayne needed deposits; Lewis needed loans. To ensure another century of growth, the bank also had to reach younger consumers while keeping current customers happy.


Duality — without the dueling

FIRSTBranch created a balanced website for customers of all ages. A split hero banner greets visitors with a simple choice between rewards checking and local financing.

We welcomed younger customers by featuring the tech they expect, including online account opening and mobile banking. We also highlighted WCB’s youth programs to demonstrate their community commitment — appealing to young families and civic-minded Millennials.

Instead of treating Wayne County and Lewis County as two different divisions, we united them under one proud legacy. Warm, natural imagery reflecting locals’ love for the outdoors complements WCB’s brand colors to create a cohesive, familiar design.

We built a modern website that leaves a lasting impression — winning a Platinum Hermes Creative Award in 2019.

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